Lakhimpur Kheri coronavirus cases update, latest news – timeline

Are you looking for coronavirus or COVID-19 update, related news, and the timeline for district Lakhimpur Kheri?

Cases of coronavirus are increasing at a very rapid pace. migrant workers are coming from different states and they have become a carrier for COVID-19. Almost every day new cases are reported in Kheri and this has raised the curiosity about the status of cases in our district Kheri.

Every person of our district wants to know the total number of cases, from where they came from, about the condition of Lakhimpur Kheri in the fight against coronavirus, timeline, and other news updates related to COVID-19.

Below in this article, we have provided the total number of cases, the latest timeline of coronavirus cases in Lakhimpur Kheri.

Kheri coronavirus cases timeline

20 05, 2020

1 New and first case in Palia Kalan

20 05, 2020

4 New case added. includes 1 women migrant worker

17 05, 2020

1 Doctor, 10 migrant workers found corona positive.

4 workers came from Thane Maharashtra, 2 workers from Mumbai Maharashtra, 1 worker from Jaipur, 1 worker from Navi Mumbai.

16 05, 2020

3 more migrant workers found corona positive

1 patient came from Thane Maharashtra, 1 from Jaipur, 1 from Rohatak

16 05, 2020

2 migrant workers found corona positive

They came from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

15 05, 2020

5 migrant workers found corona positive

3 workers came from Dharavi Maharashtra, 2 workers from Navi Mumbai

13 05, 2020

9 migrant workers found corona positive

All came from Dharavi Maharashtra

11 05, 2020

1 doctor found corona positive​


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