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The name Lakhimpur Kheri is evolved from its previous name Laxmipur. People get confused sometimes with the two names Lakhimpur and Kheri. Basically, Kheri is a town which is designated as the district whereas Lakhimpur city is the administrative capital of the District. This is the office place of District magistrate (DM Kheri).

Sometimes we read the name of Lakhimpur in the news because of some local dispute at the India-Nepal border. But these disputes remain local.

About the City

Lakhimpur kheri is a frontier district of the most populated state of India, Uttar Pradesh. Its northern boundary touches the southern international boundary of the Nepal. Other district like Bahraich, Sitapur, Hardoi, Pilibhit, and shahjanpur share the boundary with Lakhimpur Kheri.

Lakhimpur is in the Tarai region of the Gangatic plane. Being a Terai district it is rich in natural resources with lush green scenery and many rivers. Lakhimpur is not only rich in its natural beauty but there are many historical and religious place to visit that makes it a favourite holiday destination for Tourists.

I remember, once a rumour spread in Palia kalan that huge amount of water is released form the Banbasa Barrage and Palia would sink in the flood. One of my friends said if this would happen first I will safe my college degrees than I would think for rest.. we lough J Fortunately that was only the rumour. From this wanted to explain that there is a fear of flood in the some part of the district, but now the condition is better.  Many Rivers in the district become hostile in the rainy season and cost many lives. Some of the well-known rivers are Sharda River, Ghagra River, Chauka River, Gomti River, Kathana River, Sarayu River and Mohana River

Economics of Kheri

Here we can easily see the economic inequality and the gap between the rich and the poor. People in the main town are living better life, but as we penetrate in the deep villages we see that the things are not better.

Agriculture and self-business are the main source of the economy and employment in the villages, but the trend of migration for employment is also influencing the district.

Some of the sugar plants of Bajaj Hindustan Limited is located in this district. These sugar factories are providing large number of employment, and helping the local people to make their life easier.


Many prestigious schools of Lakhimpur kheri, makes proud to the district and provides good quality education, some of them are St. Don Bosco’s College and B.P.S. Public School etc.

In the time of competition, youths are ready to face the challenges. So they move outside also for better education.

Tourist Places

The district is famous for Dudhwa National Park, the only national park in Uttar Pradesh. Dudhwa National Park is home to a large number of rare and endangered species including tiger, leopard, swamp deer, hispid hare, Bengal florican, etc..

Lakhimpur Kheri Airport is also known as Palia Airport is situated near Dudhwa National Park at Palia Kalan in Lakhimpur Kheri District in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is not operational for the public but it is used only for special purpose & situation some of the times.

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