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Dudhwa National Park (or Dudhwa tiger reserve) is one of the most famous National parks in India. It is the only national park of state Uttar Pradesh. It is proud of the district Lakhimpur Kheri. which is located in the Terai region near the international border between India and Nepal. Dudhwa National Park is famous for the Rhino, Swamp deer, and Tiger.

Dudhwa National Park


Dudhwa National Park in a view

  • Located: In the Tarai of District Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, India.
  • Geographical Location: 28°5’N and 80°40.8’E
  • Year of establishment: 1st February 1977
  • Total Area Covered:3 square kilometers
  • Famous For: Swamp Dears, Tigers, Rhinos

Dudhwa national park contact details

  • Office: Palia Kalan, District Lakhimpur Kheri Uttar Pradesh 262902
  • Phone Number: N/A
  • Email. : – [email protected]

Dudhwa national park is located near Palia Kalan in the district Kheri, of Uttar Pradesh India. When we search Dudhwa on the map, a tiny spot indicates its location. But obviously, it is not in the size of that tiny spot, it is one of the largest national parks in the country. It is surrounded by other districts such as Philibhit, Baharaich etc.

Let’s start exploring about Dudhwa from its history and establishment…


History of Dudhwa National Park

Sir D. V. Brandiswas was the earliest person who expressed interest in the forest (now Dudhwa) and with his keen, in 1861 the total area of 303 square kilometers (where now Dudhwa is located) was declared protected by the British government.
From then this forest started expanding its area and popularity. After a period of more than a century in 1968, the forest area was declared as Sonaripuri sanctuary. Once it was also famous as “North-west Forest of Kheri Forest Division”.

1 February 1977 was that great day when this forest area was declared as “Dudhwa National Park”. This was the outcome of the wildlife interest and effort of a great personality Kunwar ‘Billy Arjan Singh’. Because he was the same person who recognized the potential of Dudhwa and convinced the government of India to accept the area of Dudhwa as Dudhwa National Park.

Dudhwa National Park museum Genda image

Again Dudhwa National Park achieved a new milestone when Dudhwa got the status of “Tiger Reserve” in 1987. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve includes Dudhwa national park along with Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.


Dudhwa National Park Safari Booking

It is mainly known for the Rhino, Swamp deer, and Tiger. Variety of species of fauna like rhinoceros, swamp deer, more than 350 species of birds, elephants, crocodile and more, attract a large number of tourist every year.

Dudhwa National Park safari Booking
To enjoy this great place Jeeps and minibusses are available at Dudhwa. But if you want to enjoy the Park with Elephant riding, it is also a great option which you have. Because services for elephant riding are very popular here and easily available also at the National Park.


The best time to visit

15th November is the official opening date of Dudhwa and remains full of rush till its closing date for the tourists on 15th June every year.

The experience suggests that in the morning 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and in the evening 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM are the best times to visit Dudhwa National Park. The reason is that in this time period Animals in the Forest prefer to come into open areas. That is why the chances of their appearance become high.

The park remains open to the public from November to June, as it falls in the Taria area of northern India. winter is really cool here so if you are visiting it in winter you should prepare accordingly.


Tharu Tribe in Dudhwa

37 villages of Tharu tribe is located adjacent to the forest. Experts believe that this Tharu culture reached to Dudhwa forest from Rajasthan and has some historical and cultural relationship with the culture of Rajasthan’s tribe.

Dudhwa National Park Tharu Hut

They follow their own believes and culture. Their traditional jewelry shows the glimpse of Rajasthani tribal culture.


Museum in Dudhwa National Park

A beautiful Museum at Dudhwa is the center of attraction for the visitors.


The skin of a tiger, tooth of an elephant, the horn of Barasingha and a large number of informative images about flora and fauna of Dudhwa make the visits memorable for the visitors.


Tree house in Dudhwa national park

A room at the height of Fifty feet above the ground inside a forest, this thought itself gives a pleasant feeling. Very famous Tree house in Dudhwa national park is standing with the support of Shakhu (Sal) trees. Stairs are the medium to take you to the tree house.
It becomes more demanding when the roaming wild animals appeared from the 50 feet height tree hose, this gives the amazing experience to the visitors.
For the same purpose machan in Dudhwa national park is very famous. These are the best locations for the photographers to take awesome pictures and capturing videos.


Tharu huts in Dudhwa national park

In addition to other accommodations, Tharu huts in Dudhwa can give you a wonderful experience of staying in the forest. Fourteen (14) Tharu huts are in Dudhwa which are available for booking.


Dudhwa National Park Entry Fee and safari cost

Entry fee of Dudhwa varies for the type of visitor
• Fifty rupees (₹ 50 INR) for per Indian visitor For 3 days
• Three hundred rupees (₹ 300 INR) for per foreign visitor for 3 days
• Hundred rupees (₹ 100 INR) for vehicle parking charge


Dudhwa national park tour package

The cost of Dudhwa national park safari varies as per the services. In addition to the standard services, luxury accommodations cost differently. Many private travel agencies provide accommodation, room reservation, vehicle, safaris and other services.
Additional charges will cost for other services such as video cameras, Elephant safaris, jeep etc.
Here we want to highlight that Dudhwa National Park official staff does not provide jeep safaris or guides.


Nearby cities from Dudhwa

Nearest city: Palia Kalan 9 kilometer (Km)
Distance from Lucknow: approximately 225 Km.
Distance from Delhi: approximately 470 Km
Distance from Bareilly: approximately 175 Km

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