Palia Kalan

Sugar Factory Palia Kalan

Bajaj Hindusthan’s sugar factory of Palia Kalan popularly known as the Palia chini mill. it is located on the Palia-Bhira road near State bank of India, Palia Kalan.


I use to go Palia Kalan which is my hometown after few months. When I about to reach Palia, after crossing the Sharda Bridge it is the lights form sugar factory of Palia Kalan, seen from long distance inject a feeling of reaching the Palia Kalan. It is the value of sugar factory of Palia Kalan to me. ūüôā

Now coming to the description of it Palia chini mill supports a large scale employment not only from the locals of Palia Kalan but from the outside of Kheri also because mostly the employees at the factory are the permanent resident of UP East and Bihar.

Apart from Palia sugar factory, two more sugar factory of Bajaj Hindusthan are in the district. Other two are sugar factory of Gola Gokarannath locally known as bhl Gola and Khambhar kheda.

After selecting Gola Gokarannath, Lakhimpur Kheri as the first site by BHL, Another sugar plant was set up in 1972 at Palia Kalan with a Can Arushing of 1400TCD. The capacity of Palia Kalan sugar plant subsequently increased 2500, 5000 TCD and reached to the 11000 TCD.
The primary objective of the establishing the new sugar plant at Palia Kalan was to cut down the transportation cost. The company provides the residence for their employee and the Palia sugar factory colony is situated at Bhira road, Palai Kalan Lakhimpur Kheri in front of the factory gate no. 1.

Palia Sugar factory has a separate residential colony for its employees, most of the employees are facilitated with the residents of the factory colony which is located near the factory.

There are 2000 employees (approximately) are working at Palia sugar factory at present.

Palia Sugar Factory at a glance…

Founder: Jamnalal Bajaj

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Parent: Bajaj Group

Employees at Palia Kalan plant:  2000(approx.)


Toll-Free no: 18001805016, 233410, 233456

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