Lakhimpur Kheri Airport / Palia Kalan Airport


Lakhimpur Khiyi Airport is strategically situated at Palia Kalan of Khiri District under the Lucknow Zone of Uttar Pradesh. As it is located in Palia Kalan, popularly known as Palia Kalan Airport. Like its location, its purpose has also been strategically determined on the international border of India and Nepal.


It is not operational for civil purpose but is used on some important occasions. since long it is a demand to open Lakhimpur Khari Airport (Palia Kalan Airport) for the civilian purpose, but until today it remains a demand.

Palia Kheri Airport is about 90 km far from the headquarters of the district and is located along the Dudhwa National Park on the path connecting Palia Kalan.


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