All Emergency contacts - electricity, Police, Fire, Medical, Women power. Uttar Pradesh power house contact number, Lakhimpur Kheri electricity number, UP Fire service, Police Emergency Service, Medical & casualty purpose phone contact number. 

Emergency services, Citizen helpline, Women power line, LPG Gas Leakage Complaint: Indane Gas (Customer Care), Toll-free helpline number for MNREGA-related queries, 24-hour CARE helpline for alcoholism and drug addiction, Anti-poison, Cancer helpline, Ambulance, Child Help Line.

List of Emergency Contacts

Police Emergency Service100
Fire service101
9454418690 /9454418691 (only for PALIA KALAN)
Medical & casuality purpose102
Emergency services108
Citizen helpline1077
Women power line1090
LPG Gas Leakage Complaint : Indane Gas (Customer Care) 18002333555
Toll-free helpline number for MNREGA-related queries1800 425 8666
24-hour CARE helpline for alcoholism and drug addiction(040) 2779 0278, 0984 826 3919
Cancer helpline99 105 16562
Child Help Line1098

Helpline Number District Magistrate (DM)-Lakhimpur Kheri: 1800-180-5060


Telephone Directory of Lakhimpur Kheri CLICK HERE

Palia Police Station

Contact: 9454403798, 9454403791

Chandan chaucki Police Station

Contact: 05872-282700

Gaurifanta Police Station

Contact: 009779729140954

Bhira Police Station

Contact: 9454403775

Sampurna-nagar Police Station

Contact: 9454403794

Mohammadi Kheri Police Station

Contact: 9454403788

Nighasan Police Station

Contact: 9454403790

Gola Police Station

Contact: 9454403780

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