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उड़ते उड़ते आजादी की फिजा में आ गये है ! जैसे सब लोग जन्नत की हवा में आ गये है !!
इसका जर्रा-जर्रा ही एक मुकम्मल किताब है, इस मिट्टी को चूम लीजिये आप पलिया कलां मे आ गये है !!!

— Raghvendra Pratap

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About Lakhimpur Kheri

The name of the Largest district of Uttar Pradesh has evolved from Laxmipur. With a very rich historical background, Lakhimpur Kheri is also establishing new milestones in the modern arena.

It is a frontier district of the most populated state of India, Uttar Pradesh. Its northern boundary touches the southern international boundary of Nepal. Other districts like Bahraich, Sitapur, Hardoi, Pilibhit, and shahjahanpur share their boundaries with Lakhimpur. Dm office of Lakhimpur Kheri district is located in the main Lakhimpur city.

The only national park in Uttar Pradesh Dudhwa National Park is the crown of our district which is the home to a large number of rare and endangered species and an ideal tourist destination.

State: Uttar Pradesh

Administrative Division: Lucknow
Headquarter: Lakhimpur city – UP
Tehsils: 7 Tehsils (Lakhimpur, Palia Kalan, Gola Gokarannath, Mohammadi, Nighasan, Dhaurahara, Mitauli)
Area: 7680 Kilometer squares
How to Reach Lakhimpur


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